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The benefits of expert advice to an early-stage startup.


Good advice, at the right time, goes a long way.

The lifeblood of every startup is the team behind it. The vitality, the culture, the execution, and the rest of it, all stems from the people behind the idea. Full-timers, Part-timers, Interns, Advisors, Mentors — every stakeholder, or every person that has influenced the trajectory of a startup, has officially or unofficially been a component of its growth.

Everyone knows this, and everyone says it. But how many embody it?

To embody it is to understand that....

Why Conversations Work Better Than Pitching.


Great startups sell themselves. If investors are interested, they'll be the ones making the pitch to you. 

Sell, just don't "sell".


Have you ever tried selling something to someone? Most of the time, the buyer can guess your agenda. They know you’re trying to sell them something, and they know you’ll benefit when they choose to buy it. Even if both parties benefit equally, the buyer still feels like he’s in the position of leverage. It’s just human psychology.

But, have you ever tried having a conversation with someone, where you have a specific motive or goal....




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