expand your network of institutional investors .


we find the expert VCs you need to be speaking to. ask them about customer acquisition. ask them what they're funding right now. ask them who you should connect to. can they put in a good word? perhaps. you define the conversation, and we find the right individual on our platform. 


our fundraise accelerator is for exceptional startups. when you're raising capital, we'll plug in to our broader investor network. typically we source from our expert VC track. but sometimes, we'll just take you straight. 


we focus on early-stage startups (pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, and sometimes Series B) looking for capital to fuel their business. we’ve onboarded about 200 investors - institutions and angels - globally, who are scouting our companies for new investment opportunities.

deep relationships.

we’ve built relationships with our investors. we know their preferences and their mandates, what they’re excited by and what they can’t stand. most importantly, we keep getting better at sourcing them deals.


personalized curation.

we overlay our matchmaking algorithm with our personal curation to make sure every founder speaks to an investor that is smart, qualified and strategically important to their business.

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