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Note: Please write in proper, complete sentences whenever possible.

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What is the problem? What is the solution? What is the long-term vision? (Recommended: 150 to 300 words)
Who is your customer base (high-level)? What is it's current size? What is the market size opportunity in the long run? (Recommended: 100 to 200 words)
How many people are on the team? Who are the founders and other core team members? What are their backgrounds and professional experiences? What are the team strengths, both of specific members and on the whole? How do you foresee the team expanding? (Recommended: 200 to 400 words)
Note: If your startup is not blockchain-related, you may mark N/A for this section. What are the incentive structures for customers and other parties (such as nodes or miners if applicable)? How does blockchain fit into your solution? Why does your project need a blockchain? Please describe the blockchain structure if applicable. (Recommended: 200 to 400 words)
What is unique about your product or approach? What are some of the core differentiators you offer that you think make you better? (Recommended: 100 to 200 words)
When did the project start? What were some of the milestones achieved in terms of project tasks, team expansion, customers onboarded, revenue, funding, etc.? What does the roadmap look like going forward? (Recommended: 150 to 300 words)
How does your company make money? What is the pricing model? How does value accrue to the investors? How do you or do you plan on getting customers? What partnerships do you have or plan to get? How do you interact with the community? (Recommended: 200 to 400 words)
Please describe your historical financials in terms of revenue and expenses. How much funding are you looking for? What do you need it for and how do you plan to use it? - Please quantify where necessary. (Recommended: 150 to 300 words)
Investor Deck, Marketing Materials, Financials, etc.

If you would like to make any changes after submission, please email surya@neonvest.com with your request.