Neonvest for investors

Who is the NeonVest Investor Portal for?

  • Angel investors, family offices, venture capital funds, and other institutional investors.

Why should you use NeonVest?

  • A successful investment program requires significant time and resources. Sourcing deals is time consuming and often times restrictive in terms of geography (i.e. US investors wanting to see deal flow from Singapore).

  • NeonVest offers the industry experience and expertise to source and vet high quality deals, customized and tailored to the investor’s specific needs.

How does NeonVest work?

  • Gain access to a set of curated, high-quality early-stage deals in niche, cutting edge sectors. These sectors include, but are not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, BioTech, Blockchain, Cannabis, Consumer, Cybersecurity, EdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, HealthTech, IoT, Robotics, SpaceTech, SportsTech, etc. where the macro-landscape is still emerging and the potential for outsized returns exist.

What is our track record with NeonVest to-date?

  • We’ve had 2 of our on-boarded companies receive funding commitments to-date. One happened recently and was funded by an investor on the NeonVest platform.

What is our expertise?

  • In our previous lives, we’ve been involved in leading companies as investors and operators.

  • Our background includes venture capital, tech startups, hedge fund advisory, multi-stage private investment offices and private equity.

  • Note that we are not an investment advisor and we do not provide explicit recommendations on projects.

Click the button below to fill in your investment preferences and then sign up. We ask for your investment preferences to ensure that the deals you see are a fit for your sector interest, mandate, and stage. You will be granted access once we verify your credentials. Click the button below: