Neonvest for STARTUPS

We help high-quality startups in niche connect with investors on the NeonVest platform. These sectors include, but are not limited to: Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, BioTech, Blockchain, Cannabis, Consumer, Cybersecurity, EdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, HealthTech, IoT, Robotics, SpaceTech, SportsTech, etc. Fundraising requires significant time and resources. Save time and focus on what’s most important — building your product and getting customers.

How do we help startups?

  • Capital Raising. Benefit from exposure to a diverse investor base, ranging from venture capital firms to angel investors, and get qualified introductions to those looking to invest in your project.

  • Ecosystem Building. Benefit from connections to mentors, industry experts, peer projects, strategic organizations, investors and other stakeholders.

  • Scale. Benefit from a fast, efficient, and highly scalable investor engagement process through the NeonVest platform.

What is our track record with NeonVest to-date?

  • We’ve had 2 of our on-boarded companies receive funding commitments. One happened recently and was funded by an investor on the NeonVest platform.

Please submit an application to be considered for the NeonVest platform. Click the button below: