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We provide investors with quality dealflow and mentorship opportunities.

Pre-screened Dealflow. 

We source you high-quality deals, relevant for your fund. remember your VC analysts? We do 40% of their job. We pre-screen all of our deals, and then figure out which ones make sense for you. What do you do? Trust us to find them. And if the company is exceptional enough, invest.

Singapore-based, leading global VC firm.

“As a VC investor, we're only as good as our deal flow. NeonVest introduces us to founders building startups according to our investment criteria. They make the initial "eye test" seamless by sharing information about the companies in a standardized, easy-to-digest way. I'm always excited to see their emails in my inbox!”

- Principal, at U.S.-based offices.

“NeonVest was easy to work with, and provided tailored deal flow that made sense to our fund.

- Sumay Parikh, Principal at Quake Capital.

Expert VC Network. 

We source curated mentorship opportunities for you. Benefit from exposure to startups that are specifically relevant to your preferences and expertise, hand-picked by us. Give back to the community by helping out early-stage founders with strategy, business model, fundraising, pitch coaching, ideation, and more. Your advice could be their make or break idea.

"Surya and Aakash have a great resource! All investors are looking for expansion of quality deal flow, and NeonVest has been great at expanding the top of the funnel within our firm.”

- Clay Norris, Investment Associate at CFV Partners. 




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