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in today’s world, there is no dearth of entrepreneurship or innovation. yet investors still face the same issues around sourcing and network access. great entrepreneurs still struggle to find the right investors for their business, and smart investors still find it hard to expand out of their traditional co-investor networks.


how we curate.

after signing up with NeonVest and having a call with our founders, we’ll create a profile for you. based on your indicated sectors of interest, themes being explored, portfolio companies and interesting business models, we’ll start sending you deals. if you’re interested in any of them, we’ll connect you to the founders directly.


why we curate.

our info packets consist of a one-pager, onboarding questionnaire and pitch deck. enough information for an investor to determine whether they should, or should not spend any more time reviewing the company. if we consistently show you good deals, we consider that a job well done.


investors don’t have bandwidth.

we aim to optimize our investors’ time. that’s why we vet each deal beforehand through a strict process. we only onboard extremely high-quality companies doing something exciting, and that deserve the attention of our members.


no fee.

we don’t charge our investors a dime. plain and simple.

become a member of NeonVest today and revolutionize your sourcing process.



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