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Startups only interact with VCs when they're fundraising. (the problem)

We have directly experienced the problem at institutional VCs and startups. VCs have a trove of useful advice and nuggets of wisdom for startups as they're getting off the ground. Startups need this crucial guidance at the early-stage, where their failure rate is highest.


VCs invest in <1% of companies. If your only goal is to convince them of your pitch, >99% of the time you'll only hear reasons why the VC is not interested. 


So, expand the conversation. Make it about something more. And consequentially, more will happen.

Access hundreds of experienced VCs who can add tangible value to you. (the solution).

We’ve re-imagined what the information exchange process should look like between startups and VCs. and it's more than just a pitch.

It's a conversation, about more than just capital, and without the bias of investment. 


Learn about how similar companies have failed and what went wrong. Find out what unit economics are normal in your business. Get inside an investor’s mind, so you know exactly the types of questions they’ll ask. Benefit from recommendations and referrals they’ll make. 

Grow your network. Connect with people that matter.

the founders.

We're supported by a global team of business and technology analysts,

focused on sourcing great companies, finding talented investors, and building the brand.

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