grow. grow, exceptionally. 


we find the expert VCs you need to be speaking to. ask them about customer acquisition. ask them what they're funding right now. ask them who you should connect to. can they put in a good word? perhaps. you define the conversation, and we find the right investor on our platform. 

David Moosman. CEO, ToMarket.

Funding Status: Secured.

Investor: New York-based, seed-stage VC fund. 


"I was expecting to spend a lot of time, with a lot of pipeline work for maybe a lead. The NeonVest guys got us right to the perfect investor for where we were at. We're looking forward to including them in our next fundraise."

Ifi Akpandak. CEO, VueBox.

Funding Status: Secured.

Investors: New York-based, seed-stage VC fund; Angel Investor from a top-tier, university-affiliated angel group. 


“NeonVest solves a massive inefficiency in early-stage capital raising by providing founders with relevant investor introductions straight to their inbox. We got two investment offers from our first two intros; one early-stage VC and one angel investor from a top-tier angel group! I'd definitely recommend NeonVest to any founders looking to accelerate their fundraise.


our fundraise accelerator is for exceptional startups. when you're raising capital, we'll connect you to our broader investor network. typically we source from our expert VC track. but sometimes, we'll just take you straight. 



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